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-- patterns and some include looking at the area and the interchange and there are six ramps in the area where you only need four to have a full interchange. are there ramps we can eliminate inference and physical traffic. >> >> >> and if we do that then what does it allow us to do in terms of relieving some of the conflicts with pedestrians and buses? it's not that we close the ramps all together or repurpose them and restrict access and allow only buses to use some of the areas or vehicles dropping or picking up passengers to use those areas. we also have our eye out on if we do retain these ramps then certainly at least one of them should be redesigned. the 280
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southbound off ramp to ocean avenue currently allows vehicles to speed on to ocean avenue without slowing down. if we retain that ramp make it a t intersection so cars have to stop for pedestrians and finally we're again looking at is there a different place to have the passenger drop off and pick up activity? currently it's on geneva and kiss and ride lane and if we move it around and less conflict with the buses stopping to pick up passengers on to geneva avenue. in terms of next steps we do want to continue refine our concepts and we think we be ready to share them with the committee later this winter and we will have a workshop and the balboa park cac. after that we are evaluating the concepts in
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spring and summer and looking at these impacts and how does it affect the bike and transit activity in the area. we would like recommendations by the fall of 2013 including cost estimates and implementation plan. okay. then stepping back from that study and just looking at balboa park activities overall some things to look out for upcoming is the first balboa park cac meeting. it looks like it's scheduled at the beginning of 2013, and we just heard some improvements are moving through construction in the immediate future and there are funding requests for additional improvements and o bag application submitted by sf mta that will be under consideration of this board in the next months. that concludes the presentation and i am happy to take questions or direct them to other staff. >> thank you and i do
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appreciate you're coming together to present today and my colleagues for being here as well to hear the needs that we in district 11 and seven and 10. so what i would like to propose been public comment jeremy pollack is the point person and we have the cac here tawking during public comment and we will have reports back on many of the projects presented today in my office and we will come back to this committee as well in the next year to talk about progress made. okay. thank you. colleagues if no comments or questions we can go on to public comment. this item is open for public comment. please come
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forward. >> good morning commissioners. my name is dan waiver and although i'm appointee to the new cac i'm the acting director of the ocean community benefits district. i wanted to point out the reconfiguration of the exit ramp from 280 freeway to ocean avenue is a critical part of our long range -- for us long range 10 year planning process for ocean avenue. the freeway is often makes many people on ocean avenue's retail district feel they're on a freeway ramp rather than on a neighborhood street. reconfiguring that ramp is going to create land. that land should be not simply ignored as
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a forest of trees which it is now but part of a major planning process based in the community to figure out the best uses for that land in order to deal with dividing or separating off the freeway mentality with the retail district neighborhood situation, and we're trying to organize the planning process, but i think we really need to work with the city on this. another reason to do this process if we don't the surplus land created is sold off to the highest bidder by cal trans and that is not appropriate and city college has an important role to play here and they most likely will be the people that inherit this land but we shouldn't just give it to them without understanding of what they contribute to the situation in the larger community. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public like
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to comment? >> robert [inaudible]. i just want to irnd score when i hear long-term and midterm plans and we don't do anything now that prohibits doing the right thing in the long-term so i am concerned about movements that prohibit us from doing the larger version in the long run so i am certainly hopeful that our bart representatives and sf mta folks are camping out at each other's door steps with these improvements so we don't make a bad mistake on this and prohibit us doing the right thing in the long run. thank you. >> thank you very much. if there are no other members of the public we will close public comment. and again i want to
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thank bart and the mta and cac for your work on this, your presentation and look forward to continued dialogue about the station, and we can go on to our next item. >> new items. information item. >> any items? seeing none. open it up for public comment. we will close public comment. our next item. >> public comment. >> this is general public comment for any item not on the agenda. okay we will close public comment. next item. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you
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>> target of the first store in san francisco. i am steve bankly and president of the target stores in the san francisco bay area. i am very excited to be here for this event and i like to recognize san francisco mayor ed lee, ceo of united way anne wilson and west field group senior vice president anthony rich and you may have noticed we have our beloved mascot bulls eye with us. it's an exciting time for target. as you know 2012 50
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marks our 50th year and we have a new concept and designs for the urban shopper and to complement the city's character and the small store offers the product but more suited to these lifestyles. instead of 20-pound bags of dog food you will find smaller bags and treats to manage to carry around. this is the first store in san francisco and we are activating our first stand alone active wear store and part of our brand by champion so what does it
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mean for you? high end apparel without the high end prices and what better way to introduce this concept than here in america's most active community and a joy to join the mayors in san francisco and nakd in 2011 we two contributed $2 million to san francisco and have awarded several schools with grants for field trips and completed our first library make over in san francisco last week at sanchez college prep elementary about 2 miles from here. we support the united way and employee contributions. as you can see we believe strongly in giving back to the community. speaking of community i would like to introduce one of san francisco's most influential
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leaders. present at the groundbreaking of the target last year ed lee has been involved with this store since day one. his visionary leadership with the make over has created 600 construction jobs and 700 permanent jobs about three which of are in this target store. we appreciate the partnership as we work to bring san francisco a target store and we are pleased to have him today and ladies and gentlemen it's a great pleasure to introduce ed lee. [applause] >> you got to know i was more interested in bull eye's recognize to my name. thank you for that introduction and thank you bulls eye for wears 49er red. [applause] . it's my pleasure to be here. i can't think of a more centralized place for the
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target store to happen right in the heart of san francisco. i know john is here with our convention bureau and we are finishing a couple of weeks of huge conventions here and last week it was oracle and 50,000 visitors come here and i know they walked by and i know they thought it was open and poking their nose and get in and the ax tributes that you have here, but i want to contribute -- congratulate target and west field and over a year ago i was here punching holes in the wall just expecting a great thing to happen and this first in our city, a city target store here in the middle of the city is going to be great and i love daly city and others but you know they're quiet and rather to drive down there our residents, our visitors can have a store
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right in the heart and have the brand names of things we're accustomed here. i think they will find it convenient and on all levels of affordability and so forth and i think the store is going to be a over night success. i'm a big supporter of it. gosh talking about being a corporate citizen and the construction jobs and the permanent jobs and they really did itlet right way and of the 300 jobs people have been hired by city target. 70% are franciscan residents. isn't that a great accomplishment? i know they worked hard. they worked hard with mission hiring hall and economic and work force development and the hiring events here and training and built up the expectations and
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they were met and this is what i love about being the mayor of san francisco. we can talk about jobs and working with target we can actually deliver them and this is the prochgz a good economy brings. this is what working with business is all about. it's what working with corporate citizens like target is all about and the jobs are here not only because of target but you have shown a great effort with our schools. the backpack give give a way program was exciting with the schools and the grants and it's a wonderful time to work with you as a corporate citizen so i look forward to a great icon of a city target store here. it is part of a brand news revised buildings and restaurants in the grownt floor and meeting spaces -- i think i will hold a few fundraisers up top with that city view and fun to do and of
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course when my wife says "we haven't seen a movie later" we will get down here and it has it all here. we welcome target for being here. we thank you for your corporate partnership and the partnership on the hiring and we look forward to a great partnership for years to come and west field and united way of the bay area and i want to say thank you to the wonderful team. they really know how to work with all of the nonprofits, work with the business community and make that right connection like they did with target. these are all great partners and this is the private public partnership that we speak about in the city that has to be part of any city make up. this is the first for san francisco but i know l.a. has one. maybe they will open up a second one and chicago and seattle and we are glad to be joining the city stores and
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congratulations and as mayors do and this today is city target day in san francisco. [applause] >> thank you mayor lee. we are honored by your kind words and partnership, and now i would like to introduce anne wilson, president of united way bay area to come up and say a few words. >> thank you steven. this is a really great celebration want congratulations to you and congratulations to west field and congratulations to the city and congratulations to all your teammates who are here that have great jobs with a great company and as the united way target is a partner not just here in the bay area but all across this
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country. target teammates participate in the community and with many nonprofits and last year teammates give over $15 million to the local united ways and that is no exception here in the bay area. we value the partnership greatly. congratulations on 50 years. the bay year is celebrating 90 years this year so we have been partners all those years and the tradition conditions. mr. mayor speaking of partnerships one partnership that we were all a part of that you make didn't think is the summer jobs plus initiative. target joined by more than 100 companies with mayor lee to launch that program here in san francisco and one more example when we put out the call to employers who will participate and target was there like you are on so many civic
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initiatives. we are proud to be your partner and work with you and the bay area. we are very excited and we can say unequivocally to every neighborhood in san francisco this is a good neighbor. the commitment to community is part of the dna of target corporation and the volunteer hours, the giving, the against ros itd of the company and its teammates really is at the top of the heap nationally and locally so we thank you so much. we are here to celebrate with you this great milestone and really on behalf of dozens and dozens of nonprofits you reach out as a company to the nonprofit community everyday and your teammates do as well and we are so grateful and behalf of the united way and dozens of nonprofits who are your partners 365 days a year congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood.
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[applause] >> thank you so much. and in another partner i would like to bring up, tony rich, has been instrumental over the last couple offer years bringing the target store to reality. mr. anthony rich for west field, come on up. >> thanks david. thank you mayor lee and anne and i would love to thank bulls eye if he was here. well city target has arrived and seniors are the ones in the way of the shopping beginning. i will try to keep it brief. it's an exciting day for us and many dedicated themselves to this opening. this marks the completion of those efforts and i would like to thank the mayor, the city
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administrator's office, our retail partners and guests for their support as we work to transform this wonderful site. you all have been terrific. from my first visit three years ago i was amazed at the opportunity the team was approximately together here. with the transformed area and the lure of city target it's even better. as the mayor has said 700 people are working here now. it's just great to also see the flow of people between the garden and the dining terrace and the reinvention of this area has been key to the overall development. the renovated theaters and catering to thousands of people each week and now when you walk up and down mission and fourth street and getting that energized feeling of restaurants and shopping facing out to the street a very much san francisco feel. when my wife and i moved
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to san francisco we were struck by the fact this wasn't just a city of dreamers, but it was a city of dreamers that are doers and that's what leads to it is innovation here. we hope the reinvention will play its role in this important neighborhood. we are proud to work with you all. we are proud of the investment here and at west field san francisco center and with the addition of city target we look forward to seeing the area grow and we thank you all for being here. cheers. [applause] >> all right. i think it's just all been said. are you guys ready to open this thing? [applause] i hope that we got some shoppers out there tonight, some wallets. i would really love to bring up
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brian jenson and the a store leader and when you have something you want to tell him -- brian, come on up here. i would like to have dave polk who is the district team leader for the store. [applause] and we're going to have some of our store team come up. we're going to cut the ribbon and get this thing going if i can have the speakers come up as well.
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[applause] >> all right. thank you. all right. >> feel like it really is a community. they are not the same thing, but it really does feel like there's
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that kind of a five. everybody is there to enjoy a literary reading. >> the best lit in san francisco. friendly, free, and you might get fed. ♪ [applause] >> this san francisco ryther created the radar reading series in 2003. she was inspired when she first moved to this city in the early 1990's and discover the wild west atmosphere of open mi it's ic in the mission. >> although there were these open mics every night of the week, they were super macho. people writing poems about being jerks. beatty their chest onstage. >> she was energized by the
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scene and proved up with other girls who wanted their voices to be heard. touring the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers. they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing community that they are welcome. at first, people were like, you want me to read at the library, really? things like that.
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>> as a documentary, there are interviews -- [inaudible] >> radar readings are focused on clear culture. strayed all others might write about gay authors. gay authors might write about universal experiences. the host creates a welcoming environment for everybody. there is no cultural barrier to entry. >> the demographic of people who come will match the demographic of the reader. it is very simple. if we want more people of color, you book more people of color. you want more women, your book more women. kind of like that. it gets mixed up a little bit. in general, we kind of have a core group of people who come every month.
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their ages and very. we definitely have some folks who are straight. >> the loyal audience has allowed michelle to take more chances with the monthly lineup. established authors bring in an older audience. younker authors bring in their friends from the community who might be bringing in an older author. >> raider has provided a stage for more than 400 writers. it ranges from fiction to academics stories to academic stories this service the underground of queer fell, history, or culture. >> and there are so many different literary circles in san francisco. i have been programming this reading series for nine years. and i still have a huge list on my computer of people i need to
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carry into this. >> the supportive audience has allowed michele to try new experiment this year, the radar book club. a deep explorationer of a single work. after the talk, she bounces on stage to jump-start the q&a. less charlie rose and more carson daly. >> san francisco is consistently ranked as one of the most literate cities in the united states. multiple reading events are happening every night of the year, competing against a big names like city arts and lectures. radar was voted the winner of these san francisco contest. after two decades of working for free, michelle is able to make radar her full-time job. >> i am a right to myself, but i
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feel like my work in this world is eagerly to bring writers together and to produce literary events. if i was only doing my own work, i would not be happy. it is, like throwing a party or a dinner party. i can match that person with that person. it is really fun for me. it is nerve wracking during the actual readings. i hope everyone is good. i hope the audience likes them. i hope everybody shows up. but everything works out. at the end of the reading, everyone is happy. ♪ ♪ oh, my! haa ha ha! ha hha ha! [snortg]

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